Untitled Paint on the body series 

Making small, 6 by 6 inch paintings helped me to treat myself. However, I felt that I was not making art pieces as an artist anymore. I made a lot of 6 by 6 inch paintings, but it seemed like craft, maybe because I used to make large-scale work. I was not satisfied. How can I make it art? I made it for me, myself, why do I have the preconceived notion that painting should be painted on canvas? 

One day, I looked at myself in the mirror, and realized that makeup is no different from paint. The satisfaction from applying makeup is similar to the satisfaction I get when I complete my work. What if I make the work directly on my face? What are the possibilities? 

I immediately started painting on my face just like putting on makeup, without any worries. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror because it seemed I was a child again. When I painted on my face, I felt more joy than when I used to paint in the bed right after the car accident. Painting on myself gave me a stronger feeling. Painting directly on my body allowed me to make my work as an artist as well as to heal myself. 

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